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Cernay-la-Ville was at the end of the 19th century a favorite place for studies on the motif. It brought together a colony of artists (painters, poets, writers, ...) who regularly met in the inns of the village.
In 1881 there were 7, of which 4 on this square: le Grand Courrier, l'Hôtel des Paysagistes, Au Rendez-vous des Artistes et l'Hôtel de l'Avenir.


Aberge 2This inn, run by Isodore Legendre since 1841, is take over by Alexandre Cibeau in 1857 under the name of "Le Grand Courrier"


Auberge 1This wine merchant of 1836, becomes an Inn in 1872 under the name of l'Hôtel des Paysagistes.

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Aberge 3This inn, called "l'Avenir” in 1881, was originally located next to the blacksmith.


Auberge 4This inn, privileged place of the painters, called "Au rendez-vous des Artistes chez Léopold” disappears in 1967.


Leoplod“Le déjeuner des artistes à Cernay-la-Ville” at Leopold's "Rendez-vous des Artistes"
(oil on wood 53 cm x 95 cm).
On this painting 13 characters are represented of which 10 seated. We can recognize Pelouse standing (wearing his beret) standing out in the window frame; some women, certainly his own (in the center of the table). Kroyer, shown in the foreground on the left, was painted in this painting by Flavien Louis Peslin.